Wheelchair Safety


This article was originally written by Paul Hood

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Safety on the wheels is a concern for everyone. The question is how.
Keeping a safe environment for wheelchair users is easier said than done. There are a diverse set of factors that are involved which make ensuring safety on wheels quite difficult. However numerous these may be, a general set of tips is helpful to decrease the occurrence of wheelchair-related accidents if not totally eradicate it.
We are working on a premise that the rider is able enough to carry himself using the wheelchair. Cases when the patient needs assistance for mobility are another case and won’t be hold much weight here though there are some advice that will be applicable to them as well.
A very sensible thing to follow is to keep your wheelchair in a good working condition. Much like other things say a car, the wheelchair requires ample amounts of maintenance to keep it in a tip-top working condition. A well maintained wheelchair significantly reduces the risk of mishaps happening. Just imagine yourself cruising with your wheelchair on the expressway negotiating a 100 mile/hour run when suddenly your wheel just runs off. The result won’t be pretty. Of course it’s an overstatement but from the example you can see the possible outcome of this negligence. A sudden breakdown of your wheelchair will most likely result to a broken hip or a twisted ankle to name a few. The condition of you wheel is very important to your well-being and safety.
Never put things in your chair that are likely to cause you to tip over like heavy books at the back part as this may cause you to tip over. It is intended to be used as a seat and not as a shelf. Also, avoid staying in areas where you are most likely to be hit like the back of doors. You’ll be sent flying if someone suddenly opens the door. Do not let children play with your chair. They might end up riding one as well.
Like all normal activities, you must exercise enough caution when riding you wheelchair. For instance, if you need to cross a street take the customary stop, look and listen routine. Be extra conscious in mounting your chair as your mobility is significantly reduced.
It still is best to take every precautionary step to make sure no accident happen. Though we can never totally prevent these from taking place, at least the chances of it happening is greatly reduced. Be aware of your surroundings and be aware of yourself. It is always better safe than sorry.