Wheelchair Power Combo


This article was originally written by Blur Loterina

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Still can’t find a wheelchair that suits you? There’s a company that caters all types of wheelchairs. And I mean all types. You can either choose from among their samples or you can have the company make one for you. It makes wheelchairs according to your specific needs.
The very first stand-up wheelchair was introduced in 1975. A high-end quality wheelchair with stand-up function has increased the quality of life. And this became a top priority for LEVO AG.
LEVO AG is the first provider of stand-up wheelchairs worldwide. It offers a complete range of stand-up wheelchairs to meet all individual requirements. The variations depend on the size, type of handicap or location. Its goal is to support the integration of disabled people. It assures you of constant developing and manufacturing of new products.
The company offers stand-up wheelchairs for children and adults that are ideal for body sizes from 90 cm (or 35.5 inches) to 200 cm (or 79 inches). It accommodates a maximum weight of 130 kg or 287 pounds.
LEVO products are available in manually propelled and powered standing. They can be a fully powered operated model. All LEVO models allow a biochemical optimal adaptation in terms of adjustability of the height, width, and angle regarding footrest, seat, armrest and backrest. Mounting of accessories is conditional. One of the lightest stand-up wheelchairs in the world is the LEVO active-easy LAE. It’s a manually propelled and manually standing wheelchair that weighs only 17 kg.
Since LEVO AG products meet individual’s needs, it has become the world’s leading manufacturer of wheelchairs. There are engineering and manufacturing staff who works with individual needs in case the many different options and accessories should not meet the customer’s needs.
There are also international distributors and dealers in over 30 countries that are well trained. Their job includes immediate service, correct adjustments and familiarity with all LEVO sales materials. They can work either in the workshop or on location. They are authorized to provide you further information about LEVO products. They are also willing to organize an in-service or assessment for free.
LEVO also has a research and development team which cooperates with medical specialists, therapists, rehabilitation consultants and wheelchair users to learn more about the customers’ needs and market changes. If you are interested, they provide information about studies and case studies regarding the success of usage, may it be physical, professional, practical, psychological and financial, of stand-up wheelchairs.
LEVO AG accepts phone call from customers. You can tell them about your personal experiences and feedbacks relating to their products. In this way, they will be able to evaluate and develop their products.
Do not let the wheelchair hinder nor prevent you from doing things. Consult experts who will help you find the appropriate wheelchair that will allow you to be more productive.