What You Need To Know About Internet Pharmacies




This article contains facts regarding the benefits and risks of using Internet-based pharmacies. Online drugstores not only offer convenience and discount prices, but you can also have the purchased cheap drugs delivered right on your doorstep for free. Also listed in this article are some tips to avoid becoming a victim of fake Internet pharmacies.

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Cheap Drugs delivered right on your doorstep for free

People will naturally be always on the lookout for good offers on products and services, both on the Internet and in real-life. So it isn’t surprising that a lot of people patronize Internet-based pharmacies because of all the appealing services they advertise on the World Wide Web.
What makes online drugstores appealing to the masses?
Compared to conventional land-based drugstores, Internet pharmacies sell prescription medication at lower prices that are hard to refuse. People want to get as much savings and discounts as they can. And if you look at the original prices of prescription drugs, online drugstores make medications more affordable. Not only do consumers cut back on the cost of medication, but they can also cut down on traveling cost as they do not need to go to the pharmacy and back.
Web-based drugstores offer the promise of convenience. Since the entire transaction is done over the Internet, you’ll never have to leave the comfort of your home. If you have a computer, a good Internet connection, and a credit card, you’re just a few clicks away from having your prescription filled.
Buying from online pharmacies eliminates the need to go to a pharmacy to get the prescription. Once an order is placed and processed on the Internet drugstore’s website, you can pretty much expect your purchased cheap drugs delivered right on your doorstep for free.
There are also web-based pharmacies that offer to sell prescription drugs even if buyers don’t have a valid prescription. Risky as it may sound, this appeals most to people who don’t have enough money to see a doctor for consultation and physical check-up.
Are there risks in buying from online drugstores?
The biggest potential risk in buying from an uncertified Internet pharmacy is that you may receive counterfeit medication. Fake drugs may contain toxic components that may set off a severe drug interaction or trigger an allergic reaction. Both of which may end up in death.
You may also end up receiving drugs in incorrect doses. Bogus online pharmacies may send you medications in higher or lower doses than what you have been prescribed. There is also a possibility of you receiving prescription medications that have already gone out of date.
Chances of having your identity stolen is also likely to happen if you’ve unfortunately submitted your private information to a scam online drugstore. Anomalous individuals may use those information to make transactions or make purchases pretending to be you.
How can I avoid illegitimate Internet pharmacies?
Visit the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) website to find a running list of Internet pharmacies that have been certified to be one of the many Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS).
Do not submit your personal or financial information to any web-based pharmacy that you find suspicious. If you come across an Internet pharmacy that is not VIPPS-certified and is offering to sell prescription medications without a prescription note, report it to local officials so that they can no longer victimize other consumers.