Ways to Maximize Vitamin Absorption


This article was originally written by Nitin Jain

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1. Do not refrigerate vegetables and fruits (raw and uncut) for more than two days.
2. Do not go by the advertisements that show refrigeration slowing down loss of nutrients from fruit. It can’t stop the process altogether and fruits certainly do not get any fresher by refrigerating them for a long time.
3. Eat your fruits whole rather than cutting them into pieces. When exposed to air (oxygen), vital vitamins are lost. By that logic, raw fruits are better than fruit juices and pies.
4. Take a sunbath around nine am for 15-20 minutes and you do not need to pop any vitamin D supplements, except if otherwise advised by a medical practitioner.
5. Give full attention to food while eating rather than sharing the meal with your favorite soap on TV, so that your parasympathetic nervous system is dominant and the digestive system works to its optimum level.
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