Skin Care 101: How To Be ‘Skin Smart’ This Winter


This article was originally written by News Canada

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(NC)-‘Skin smart’ protection and behavior works from the outside in, and from the inside out. That is, it helps to understand the outer layer of skin, and how skin is formed, so you can do the right things to protect your skin from damage.
The epidermis, the skin’s outer layer, is coated with a thin film of sebum. This oily liquid is produced by the skin and normally keeps it smooth and supple, helping lock in moisture. After all, the best way to preserve moisture in the skin is not to lose it in the first place.
When the epidermal barrier is under attack, the skin dehydrates. Both environmental and chemical factors can harm the epidermal barrier. “Protecting the epidermis is key to minimizing excess moisture loss and avoiding dry skin,” explained Pierre Boucher, Vice President for Stiefel Canada, makers of Uremol, the number one physician recommended treatment for dry skin in Canada. “Uremol replenishes and softens dry skin and protects the epidermis.”
“Dry, itchy skin can affect people of all ages and occurs more frequently as people get older,” Boucher added. In fact as many as 85% of older people suffer from a dry skin problem, called ‘xerosis’. Dry skin can be very itchy and the natural reaction is to scratch, but scratching or rubbing can lead to inflammation and make the problem even worse.
“Usually, proper skin care and a few common-sense changes in life style when the weather gets colder can prevent the dreaded ‘winter itch’,” Boucher said. “Using a moisturizer, like Uremol, which contains urea, provides effective relief to help stop the ‘itch/scratch’ cycle.”