Diets and Slimming Ric Wiley


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Its time to talk about diets. This but in America today there are many people who are overweight and, many of us need to think very seriously about a diet. I don’t like diets and I bet most of you don’t like them as well, but it’s a fact of life that many people in the US need to think about how to improve their well being. To help do this, one of the best ways is to diet. I didn’t want to get straight to the point but I think I need to. So here goes, Diet, Diet & Diet.
I’ve said it now so those of you who are not interested in reading about a diet can go and look at pictures of really fatty foods which are loaded with calories. Go out and eat loads for a week and then you’ll need to come back and read this page again because you too will need to diet.
Why do our bodies not like us? I find that anything I look at these days expands my waistline. I haven’t thought about eating it yet, I’ve just been looking at it and I find I need to go out and buy a new pair of trousers. What’s more it’s getting worse. As I get older I find that the small bag of donuts I just ate makes me so heavy I have to jog from Seattle to Chicago just to get rid of the excess calories.
It’s not that bad really but a lot of what I eat these days does seem to stay with me so I’ve decided to change my life style and start to diet. But where do I start. The problem is my body doesn’t need too many calories to keep it going. Now that I’m older I am not as active so I need less, but my brain wants to tell me to enjoy myself and eat what I want. It says, “Go on, treat yourself, you deserve it”.
Well I don’t, what I do deserve is a slim, trim body but the only way is to eat less than my body needs. I can eat more but I then need to step up my exercise regime to compensate. The problem is that I’ve read somewhere that running a marathon consumes just 2600 calories. I could eat 2600 calories in just one meal. I don’t believe the 2600 calories marathon but it’s got me worried. So its diet time, but where do I start.
I could just decide to starve myself and cut out most of my daily intake of food but we all know that is not a sensible thing to do. What we need is a sensible diet regime which will help us to loose the calories and stay trim and slim. The trouble with diets is that they are so hard to keep to and usually they only work on a temporary basis. Ok, you’re on the diet and you loose weight. Great, you can forget the diet now and go back to normal and that’s the problem, you do go back to normal and so does your waistline.
It’s working with me because I have tied my diet to a sensible fitness lifestyle. I jog, do aerobics and lift weights as well and the lower intake of calories and making my body burn more calories is making the diet work for me. It’s not just the diet though and you need to remember this. Link your diet to an exercise program and you will see the benefits of a diet. You will also be a lot fitter if you link the diet to fitness training or exercise. Remember though to keep a check on the calories. Good luck