Why do I need to create a Username?
You can modify your preferences and profile by registering a Username. If you modify your profile to reflect your unique preferences, you will get the most out of your experience here. Please take a moment to experiment with the various settings on your profile as there are many possibilities to enhance your enjoyment of this site. Additionally, the “New Posts” option can only be used by those who have registered Usernames.
Justification for requesting two email addresses
The real email address is utilized for password emails, forum subscriptions, and email notifications. The other is what people who visit your profile see.

Yes. For your current session, cookies are used to keep track of your username, password, and the posts you’ve read. Some features won’t function properly if cookies aren’t accepted.
Why can’t I log in?
You must log in to access the customizing options if you have registered an account (username) on these boards. To log in, locate the Login option in the top left corner of your screen. You can enter your Username and Password on the page that you are directed to by clicking this link. The password is always case-sensitive, so keep that in mind. This signifies that the software distinguishes between S and s.
You will be directed to the Start Page after providing your Username and Password.

Help! It’s difficult for me to log in.
You might find this check list helpful when logging in:
1) Verify that you are accurately typing your password. They take case into account.
2) Verify that your browser accepts cookies; if it does, look at the degree of protection you are employing. Certain browsers with high security restrictions will immediately reject cookies. You must accept cookies in order to utilize the main features of these forums.
3) Completely logout by clicking the page’s Logout link, and then re-login.
4) To speed up the authentication process after logging in, you might need to press the reload/refresh button on your web browser.
5) If none of the above actions help, try deleting all of the cookies on this site using the My Cookies tool.